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Dr Ruth Tunnell

Senior Principal Scientist – Energetics

Ruth Tunnell (Ph.D. CChem) is a Senior Principal Scientist – Energetics and a QinetiQ Senior Fellow. She has worked in the field of energetics materials analysis at QinetiQ Fort Halstead in Kent, UK, since 2003.

Ruth is particularly interested in the ageing of propellants and analytical techniques used to study energetic materials. She was a team leader for one of the energetics materials analysis groups at QinetiQ prior to her appointment to her current role. This involves continuing her interests in finding improved ways of analysing energetic materials and innovative approaches in the field of safety and suitability for service use of weapon systems.

Dr Ruth Tunnell
Energetics Technology Enterprise; Binding the energetics community together for the benefit of the UK’s Frontline

Fort Halstead is a name synonymous with energetic materials. In 2019, QinetiQ announced plans for significant investment in the site in order to transform QinetiQ Fort Halstead into a new world-class facility.

The new QinetiQ Fort Halstead will underpin the future of weapons qualification in the UK, supporting the change from traditional qualification towards smart qualification using a systems engineering approach. This new era of qualification will be typified by the leveraging of emergent philosophies (e.g. digital twins), techniques (modelling of energetic materials), and greater fundamental material science understanding (including activation energy studies).

Critical to this new Enterprise is you. Scientists and Engineers from Government, Industry, and Academia need to collaborate to ensure the UK Frontline reaps the maximum benefits to secure the UK’s future.