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Jerry Smith OBE

Senior Partner at CHC Global

Jerry is a Senior Partner at CHC Global, a specialist Risk Advisory and Insurance Brokers based in London. He consults for a variety of sectors including the London and international insurance markets, national governments, Blue-chip companies, international non-governmental organisations, and the United Nations.

Jerry has over 30 years’ experience of risk management, resilience and crisis response within the British Army, UK Civil Service (Porton Down) and the United Nations, as well as the Private Sector. He has worked in over 40 countries on four continents. In 2013-14, Jerry played a leading role in the verification, disablement and removal of Syria’s declared chemical weapons’ arsenal; initially as the Head of Operations and then as Director.

After a few years as a Sapper EOD officer and then into commercial EOD / de-mining, Jerry managed UK-sponsored engineering security and redirection projects at a number of overseas chemical and biological facilities. Projects included the implementation of infrastructure security and process safety enhancements to industrial and academic research institutions. At various times he has led on-call Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive CBRNE (WMD) response teams in military, UN and counter-terrorist operations. He is experienced in the handling of super-toxic material and explosives within non-permissive and hazardous environments.

Jerry has a MBA and BEng (Hons) from Cardiff University, as well as a PGDip in Weapon Effects on Structures from Cranfield University. He is a member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers and a visiting fellow of Cranfield University. He has been an author, interviewee and consultant for a number of international news media corporations.

Jim Jerry
Understanding malicious perils in the Insurance Industry

Whilst we have seen a shift in UK terror attacks from large explosive devices against economic targets to low sophistication events involving blades and vehicles against people, there remains a requirement for terrorism insurers to understand more about the perils. In this presentation, I will outline the current approach to blast/crowd modeling, the integration of the threat analysis with risk management and how the introduction of big data is better informing this insurance sector.