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Johan Finsteen Gjødvad

Strategic Partnership Manager

Johan holds an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the Danish University of Technology (DTU) from 2004 as well as a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) Management and Organization from Copenhagen Business School. Johan works as a Strategic Partnership Manager at Sigicom, where his main focus is innovation and international market, assisting Sigicom in staying a top producer of hardware and software for environmental monitoring.

Johan previously worked over 12 years with a major Danish multidisciplinary consultancy. During his years as a consultant, Johan worked extensively with environmental impacts such as vibration, noise, and dust from various sources among others; blasting during civil works and demolition using explosives. As a consultant, Johan also worked with demining around the world as well as physical protection from blasting. In additional he has been teaching in noise and vibration monitoring during blasting. While Working as a consultant Johan also gained long experience with innovation and project management and development.

Since 2006 Johan has been part of the Danish Federation of Explosives Engineers (DFEE) and is presently vice-president of the organization. In 2007 he became the Danish envoy to EFEE and has since 2009 been a member of the Board. In EFEE Johan has been chairman of the environmental, marketing and membership committees, EFEE’s Vice-president from 2011-2014 and President from 2014-2016. Johan is still a member of the Board and has his focus on the environmental committee of EFEE. During the 10th EFEE World Conference on Explosives and Blasting Johan was part of the Technical Committee. Johan has been appointed to be an ISEE director at the beginning of 2020, to serve at the board of directors for ISEE.

Johan Finsteen Gjødvad
Vibration monitoring standards connected to the use of explosives in Different Countries

The paper is part of the ongoing work within the Environmental committee of EFEE. The aim is to assist experts working with explosives one of the aims is to improve the common knowledge of similarities and differences between national legislation, standards or guidelines on vibration monitoring and other environmental monitoring when blasting around the world.

Initially, an online survey was performed through most of 2018. Questions were made regarding vibration monitoring during blasting. The existence of norms, guidelines or standards and how they are used in different countries.

The questions were designed to try to map the different national standards use of such things as frequency, guidance on monitoring position, the distinction between different types of structures, the requirement to the equipment and more. Furthermore, a few initial questions were raised on other environmental monitoring relevant for blasting.

The respondents were national, cooperate, affiliated (ISEE} or individual members of EFEE. The answers where experts in the use of explosives and vibration-monitoring in their respective countries. More than 60 respondents have answered the questionnaire from 29 different countries.
Initially the incoming answers were analysed and the differences and similarities with focus on European vibration monitoring were clarified and mapped. Trends of other environmental monitoring standards were also analysed. Where needed the different guidelines, standards and regulations have been visited to verify the answers and further elaborate on the comparison.