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Martin Driver

DESG Graduate

I am a DESG graduate in the Weapons Ordnance Munitions and Explosives (WOME) domain of DE&S. I graduated from the University of the West of England with a BEng in Aerospace Engineering in 2017 and joined the DESG scheme. Since then I have gained an MSc in Guided Weapon Systems as well as carrying out placements within DE&S, MBDA, and Roxel UK.

Martin Driver
Potential of UAV Swarm to Guided Weapon Systems (15 mins + Questions)

This presentation will cover the topic of my thesis produced in partial fulfillment of the Guided Weapon Systems MSc. The purpose of this MSc was to begin to explore how UAV swarms and the advancements in this field may be applied to Guided Weapon Systems and one of the ways this may be enabled.

The presentation will briefly outline the potential applications of UAV swarms to Guided Weapon Systems including how they may be used and the advantages this brings. The technologies associated with swarming UAVs are briefly discussed and some of the requirements for these applications outlined. The presentation will then report on the investigation into the suitability of commercial of the shelf inertial measurement units for use in UAV swarms. The investigation covered the effects of noise on displacement prediction for a COTS IMU fitted to a small UAV and explored how simple filtering techniques can improve their suitability. Finally, the presentation will briefly discuss some recommendations for future work on the topic.