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Paul Verrico

Leading lawyer in the field of safety and wellbeing

Paul Verrico is a Partner and experienced Solicitor-Advocate in our EHS team, specialising in representing both individuals and organisations, across a range of sectors, who are being investigated for health and safety breaches.

Paul is one of the UK’s leading lawyers in the field of safety and wellbeing. For the last 15 years he has defended organisations and individuals following deaths at work, explosions and environmental disasters in courtrooms up and down the country.

Typical cases include defending: a manufacturing facility when hot oils caused an explosion in a food facility; an organisation when a power plant using farm waste exploded, spilling tonnes of slurry; an organisation when bomblets were badly demilitarised and a man sustained life changing injuries; an organisation when a waste fragmentiser exploded due to incorrect separation of waste streams; and a global equipment manufacturer at a lengthy inquest.

Paul conducts his own advocacy whenever possible. He is hugely in demand on the conference and after dinner circuit as a keynote speaker. Paul has been ranked in the top band of health and safety lawyers in the UK over the last decade.

Paul Verrico
How an organisation responds in the immediate aftermath of a serious health and safety incident can have a significant bearing on both the commercial and legal outcomes of the incident. These incidents, particularly those involving a fatality, can be extremely challenging for any organisation and its employees. Prior awareness of relevant considerations and planning how to respond to such an incident will help organisations to be prepared.

This session will focus on best practices in handling:

  • crisis management plans
  • handling the regulator
  • post-incident media relations
  • the organisation’s internal investigation
  • concerns in protecting legal privilege
  • potential criminal proceedings
  • The decisions made on these fronts are interconnected and will have significant impact on the inevitable litigation that will ensue.

The session will be delivered by leading health and safety lawyer Paul Verrico, a Partner in Eversheds Sutherland’s EHS team (the EHS team is the UK’s leading team of health and safety lawyers and has been consistently ranked in Tier 1 of the UK’s Legal Directories for well over a decade}.