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Paul Walker

EOC Engineer

Paul had a successful career spanning 29 years in the Royal Air Force. He was employed in all aspects of his trade as a Weapons Technician. From Small Arms to Nuclear Weapon Load Team Chief. He qualified as an EOD Operator in 1998. Paul is now employed in the commercial sector as an Explosives Ordnance Clearance Engineer (EOC).

Paul Walker
An outline on what an EOC does with some light hearted anecdotes and experiences and audience participation

A “What is it?” Quiz – Table set out prior to presentation with a number of “finds” (All Non Exp, FFE) and pictorial leaflet to put down answers.
Intro – My Background.

What is an EOC (What they do …. and don’t do).

A typical Tasking from start to finish. The Planning (or Non-Planning in some cases!}. The Tasking execution (Including the “Pitfalls”}.
The Equipment. Various Detectors (Mags etc). Body Armour. Audience is able to handle/try on. Answers to the “What is it?” Quiz.
Q&A from the audience.