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Peter Gould

Energetics Materials Analysis

Peter Gould PhD CEng FIM3 has 25 years’ experience in the measurement, analysis and prediction of material properties. He specialises in: the development of analytic models to predict the physical and mechanical properties of materials including their deformation and fracture behaviour; converting those models into constitutive equations for use in hydrocodes and other numerical simulation tools. He has led technical teams in programmes on metals, ceramics, glass, polymers, polymer composites and explosives. He is internationally recognised as expert in constitutive modelling and in first-principles prediction of material properties.

Peter Gould
The utility of modelling to energetic materials

Activities focussing on enhancing munitions qualification, through-life management and performance assessment should benefit from the use of modelling to supplement traditional test and evaluation. The description of activity as modelling is often nebulous; it fulfills illustrative and descriptive purposes and can be seen as a panacea. Cost efficiencies and the desire for design to improve performance have begun to require modelling input but this input, however, is often not trusted. This presentation will discuss some of these issues in the light of the famous quote (George Box): “All models are wrong, but some are useful”; examples in energetic materials will be given with an emphasis on the use of modelling to solve problems. An optimistic vision will be articulated based on previous success.