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Rik Arthur


Rik has over 5 years of experience in the field, working with munitions and explosives in both Military and Commercial applications; currently the Technical Director at Primetake Ltd with accountability for facility management across the site, product and process development, SHE and security, product data management, project delivery and production support; acting as Design Authority for all company’s products ensuring they are safe, reliable and fit for purpose.

Previously with BAE Systems Rik’s roles included Chief Engineer Underwater Weapons at Portsmouth and Site & Process Engineering Manager with at the Glascoed site in South Wales. Experienced in research, design & development, implementation, testing and evaluation through the whole life aspects of energetic materials and munitions and their manufacture.

As a small business in the industry of manufacturing and supplying energetic products for police and military users many challenges are faced ranging from legislation, competition with larger businesses through to lack of industry support. How does a small business in this industry survive? This presentation will discuss how small businesses must have a large portfolio of products to survive the uncertainty in markets and orders from decreasing budgets and how this drives increased competition from larger manufacturers and the challenges it gives in managing a large portfolio with incredibly limited resources; how small businesses must continually re-invent, invest and innovate to compete in the market and how support from other key resources (i.e. banking, DSTL) is difficult and how it impacts.